Marquee sales / Own a Stretch Tents Business

We manufacture Marquees & Canopies here in New Zealand. Consider purchasing your own 'bedouin style' freeform tent today, or find out about owning your own Stretch tents Business in NZ or in the Rest of the World.

Stretch Tent Marquees are available for sale to Stretch Tent Partners or to companies / venues that will have repeat usage. They require specialist training.

Stretch Tents NZ Ltd offer the latest technology MultiStretchFR™ 'bedouin style' freeform tents, marquees, canopies and party structures. Our marquees are strcuturally certified, waterproof, fire retardant (they comply with NZ Fire Standard AS1530.2 for membrane structure, making them safe for any event or party) and UV resistant.

As manufacturers, we can custom make these marquees.

  • For corporates who want an event structure, these can be branded
  • For event holders / venue owners who need an aesthetic, cost-effective marquee.

Stretch Tents cost less than traditional marquees, are so much better looking and can go almost anywhere! It should be noted that Stretch Tents are not designed to be permanent structures.

Training will be given on how to erect the structure.

For large orders (over 1000sqm) we can create tents with almost any colour top coat (the inner fabric is usually white)

Enquire about purchasing a Custom Design Bedouin Freeform tent, Marquee or Nomadic Party Tent structure now, or if you’re interested in our hire services, go to our Hire Services page.

Own a Stretch Tents Business and get

  • An exclusive territory agreement
  • Full training to quote, erect, break down, store and maintain the tents
  • Superior MultiStretch FR™ tents supplied at discount
  • Use of the 'Stretch Tents' name
  • An 'up-to-the-minute' website to generate enquiries and sales leads
  • Relevant 0800 number calls re-directed through to you
  • Marketing collateral
  • A business model developed from real business experience in this market
  • The advantage of significantly lower tent costs
  • Full phone support
Remember, Stretch tents create eventing spaces that were previously not possible, opening up the market to locations that were previously unusable.

We don't just compete in the marquee market, we have created a whole new market.

Stretch tents offers customers a new and aesthetically better option than traditional marquees/tents/shade structures.

Our fabric is so good it was used by Team NZ in the America's Cup!

Areas available in NZ:

  • Northland
  • Taranaki / Manawatu
  • Marlborough / Tasman / Kaikoura
  • Dunedin & South Canterbury

For more information complete our Booking Enquiry form by Clicking Here, call FREE 0800 462 778, call Jon Tuohey directly on +64 21 840136, or email